Want to become the next J.K. Rowling? No, How about the next Raye Wagner?

Writing a book of a thousand pages starts with the first step.

So how in the world will you ever get that book published?

You’ve been a closet author since the seventh grade, but when you read how Stephenie Meyer wrote Twilight literally in between taking kids to swim lessons, that was the final straw. You were committed to becoming the next billionaire fantasy novelist. So what happened?

Well, let’s see if this sounds familiar.

1) Your friends and family said, or at least implied you were wasting your time. 2) After comparing your meager draft transcript to the seven completed books of the Harry Potter your efforts felt insignificant and worthless. 3) Life just got in the way. 4) You were looking for just a basic bit of technical direction on how exactly to write a non-fiction fantasy book

If you sincerely want to get that first book written and haven’t yet done it after a year, or two, (or five!), then it’s very likely one of the four horseman of the procrastinating apocalypse got in the way. Again, here are the barriers:

  1. Carrying too much what others think about your idea.
  2. Comparing your beginning , first efforts to someone else finished and refined final product.
  3. Apathy and lack of focus. Make your writing a priority, (remember the swimming lessons)!
  4. Seek professional help (and no, that doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money to get help).

While we can’t help you with the first three problems (besides pointing them out to you), we can help you with the last challenge of learning how to write better.

Check out this course from Ed2go

And by the way in case you were wondering Raye Wagner is a very accomplished, albeit not a billionaire, fantasy novelist whose “day job” is working as a nurse practitioner.