Tire shop technician jobs can lead to bigger automotive repair careers

Tire technician generally make between $20 and $28 per hour.

What do you call the person who repairs and installs tires on cars, trucks, and heavy vehicles?  A tire technician.

Most tire technicians work at vehicle repair shops, tire stores, and automotive dealerships. The primary duties of a tire technician include installing, balancing, and repairing tires for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. They may also offer roadside assistance.

Finding and fixing flat or leaky tires is a service that is offered for free at many tire and auto repair shops.

How much can tire technicians make?

According to the jobs listed on ZipRecruiter, tire technicians make anywhere from $20 to $28 per hour. That works out to more than $40K per year or more. The real opportunity for these jobs is to learn additional mechanic skills and get into management or even ownership.