Is going to college during a global pandemic a good economic choice?

Okay. If student debt isn't a good thing generally, then you would think during the pandemic that it should be avoid like the, well, you know.

Interesting question, and one that thousands of new and returning students are asking themselves right now. When the Corona Virus hit in March 2020 many universities responded by closing access to campus and switching to “distance learning” or a virtual learning environment (i.e. zoom meetings).

While those changes were natural responses to the pandemic, they brought into question whether the “clients” of the schools were getting what they had paid for. With no reason to be on campus, why were students not given a refund for housing and the option of returning home to study?

So much of the college experience is the social aspect, arguably to the detriment of actual skill based learning. This begs the question why return to college this year, when college won’t really be college? Honestly, who would want to $30,000 a year to go to “Happy Valley” if you didn’t get to go to a couple of football games with 106,571 of your closest friends?

Is college even worth it anymore?

Maybe the better question, pandemic or no pandemic, would be is the “traditional college experience” still worth it?

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