Catherine Wright’s 6 Step Transformation

Professional Coaching & Mentorship can help people maximize their performance and achieve astonishing results. Catherine Wright, accredited, award-winning, Transformational Life & Career Coach and Business Mentor, offers 1:1 Signature RESULT Coaching, online courses and corporate events that empower individuals to maximise their full potential, rewire their mindset for success and confidently step into their next-level self so that they can perform at their best both personally & professionally.

Catherine’s 6 step RESULT transformation program takes place over 4-6 months (depending on client preference) and uses proven methods and bespoke solutions to take individuals from feeling stuck and unfulfilled, to unlocking their full potential and achieving full clarity in creating the life they envisioned but didn’t think was possible.

As their coaching journey evolves, Catherine’s client’s overcome the limiting beliefs that previously held them back from living in the highest version of themselves. Catherine keeps her clients focused and accountable so that they achieve real, sustainable results and a long-lasting transformation, enabling them to thrive both personally and professionally.

The Signature Six-Step “R E S U L T” method: 

  • Step 1: R – elease. Identify and reflect on the limiting beliefs and hidden blocks that have been holding you back. Get clarity on your purpose and goals and pinpoint your inner critic.
  • Step 2: E – volve. Shift out of these self-limiting beliefs through proven methodology. Evolve and integrate your new belief systems, habits, thoughts, and intentions consistently.
  • Step 3: S – trength. Practice and welcome self-acceptance. Increase the frequency of your self-worth. Raise your game & confidence and identify your unique power & strength to radiate unshakeable inner confidence.
  • Step 4: U – nderstand. Observe your behaviours to enable deep inner understanding, allowing you to rewrite and create your dream reality with a clear-cut strategy and action plan to get you to where you want to be. Take consistent, empowered decision-making actions to step into that next level.
  • Step 5: L – everage. Leverage and apply your learnings and new skills to successfully influence the destination of your life & career. Listen to your inner voice and laser your focus to handle whatever life throws your way.
  • Step 6: T – ransform. Embody your highest self and achieve your goals consistently & effortlessly. Create long-lasting action and SUSTAINABLE results in your personal & professional life.

Catherine is also the Founder of the Women in Business Society (@womeninbusinesssociety), a global network for millennial business women that empowers, champions and supports current and future female leaders. You can sign up to the free membership here